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8 Tips for Taking Good Vacation Selfies

Impress your online friends with your photography skills Though they may not yet be considered an art form, the ubiquitous selfie is no longer ridiculed as much as it once was. Pretty much everybody with a smartphone has at one time or another reversed the built-in camera to take a photo of him- or herself. And while fun to take anywhere, selfies become much more interesting when there are some unique things in the picture to go along with your smiling face. The next time you travel and want to capture yourself or perhaps friends and family in some pics, these tips will take your selfie game to another level: Showcase your destination If you take a look at almost anybody’s photos on their social sites, you’ll almost certainly see a theme with their selfies: the person encompasses most of the frame. This is pretty much the definition of a selfie, but a vacation selfie should be different. You’re in a new and special place, so you definitely want that to show. Be sure not to zoom too closely so you can get some of the things in the shot that you came to see. Don’t (always) just stand there […]

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Don’t Forget to Bring These Things on Your Next Road Trip

These seven must-have items will help everyone have a great time There’s nothing like packing your bags and hitting the open road. American is a gorgeous country, but often travelers only see it from 30,000 feet on the way to their destination. A road trip, however, allows you to really appreciate the journey. But in order to have a good time being cooped up in car, you need to do some planning. When preparing for your trip, you will definitely want to include these items: Food Let’s start with an easy one. If you’re only going somewhere that will take an hour or two, it may not be necessary to bring any food. However, if you’ll be in the car for several hours or the trip will take days, you better make sure everyone’s appetite gets satisfied. Nothing can derail a car ride faster than hungry, complaining little people in the backseat. Audiobooks These days, many people don’t go anywhere without a mobile device and earbuds. And if you’ll be traveling with friends, they may just want to listen to their own music or podcasts. But, if it’s a family trip, a good audio book can keep everyone entertained and […]

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Why Galena Can be Both Fun and Educational for Kids

They’ll have a great time and learn stuff too If you’re thinking about taking a family trip this year, you certainly have a lot of options. Beaches, amusement parks, resorts; there are tons of places to choose from. But if you want you and your brood to do more than lounge around on a towel or wait in long lines for rides, this narrows things down. The best family vacations accomplish two things: they provide everyone with a fun and relaxing time and also impart a little knowledge. The latter is especially important for kids. While you want them to have a great time, children should always be learning. This is what makes Galena the perfect destination for a trip. This Northern Illinois town is bursting with fun things to do, and because of its link to history, there are also tons of learning opportunities. Here are some can’t-miss spots when you visit: The fun stuff P.T. Murphy Magic Theater Galena has a theater completely dedicated to magic, and this is where master magician P.T. Murphy has been wowing folks with his tricks and illusions for years. The show is always a crowd pleaser, and it’s great for families with […]

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The Best Galena Restaurants

Whatever you have a hankering for, these nine spots will fit the bill There are so many reasons to travel. It gives you an excellent opportunity for new experiences. You get to meet interesting people. You can see and do a variety of things not available in your town. And, of course, traveling gives you a chance to try some great food! When you visit Galena, you’ll be enthralled with its history, mesmerized by its natural wonders, and thrilled with its entertainment. You will also have a tough choice on your hands: Where will I eat today? Galena is home to many wonderful eateries, and the best part is that you’ll never have to dine at a fast food or chain restaurant. Here are some of the best: Otto’s Place If you’re looking for a true home-cooked meal, Otto’s is the spot. Their breakfast menu is filled with an assortment of egg dishes, along with grits and pancakes. For lunch, you’ll have your choice of several sandwiches, including classics like a BLT or grilled cheese. Otto’s also has a large variety of cocktails to choose from, making it a prime brunch location. Fritz & Frites Fritz & Frites let you […]

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