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4 Spring (and 1 Summer) Events in Galena You Won’t Want to Miss

Wine tastings, balloon races, and much more await you The best way to think about Galena, Illinois, is to imagine it as a museum. While there are tons of permanent items – like the many historical buildings, local attractions, and natural wonders – there is also a never ending rotation of excellent exhibits. No matter when you visit Galena, you’re sure to find something special going on. While we previously offered a list of great winter activities, with the weather soon warming up, we thought we would now focus on spring. If you will be coming to town over the next few months, here are some events you’ll want to experience. St. Patrick’s Day celebration Okay, so St. Paddy’s Day technically takes place March 17, three days before spring begins, but we just had to include it. This is because Galena goes all out when it comes to celebrating all things Irish. In addition to the annual downtown parade featuring bands, floats, and music, there are two races – the Shamrock Shimmy 5K and the Mini Shimmy for kids. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a shillelagh (and maybe a pint) and have a fun time. Wine Lovers Weekend Whether […]

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Planning a Day of Shopping in Galena?

These tips will help you have a great experience Galena gets its fair share of visitors – about a million every year, in fact – and they come to this town for a variety of reasons. Some are history or Civil War buffs and love exploring the centuries-old buildings, including Grant’s Home. Others visit for the family-friendly attractions and events. But regardless of why people take trips to Galena, pretty much nobody leaves without some sort of memento, souvenir, or unique item. When it comes to shopping, Galena is something special. This is because many shops are one-of-a-kind. Here you won’t see the same chain stores that you’d find almost anywhere else. In addition, many of the Galena businesses are housed within buildings that date back to the 1800s, making any shopping excursion also a little trip back in time. So if your plans during your Galena vacation involve checking out the local stores, let us help you make the most of your day. Start by fueling up And we don’t just mean your car. If you’ll be spending the day doing a lot of walking, you’ll want to be sure to start with a hearty breakfast. If you’ve planned […]

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Tips for a Great Date Night in Galena

Let us help you have a romantic evening from beginning to end Galena, Illinois is a favorite destination of history buffs and families, but the city is quickly starting to become popular with another group of folks: couples. No matter the season, people come from all over to experience the many romantic attributes of this small town. And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would put together a guide that will help you and your sweetie have a great date night when you visit, whether you’re in a new relationship or one that is decades old. Begin with a drink A glass of wine is always a fine way to start a night, and Galena has several wineries where you can enjoy some excellent vintages. If beer or perhaps something a little harder is more to your liking, there are also many other great choices. Just remember to plan ahead if you’ll be driving. If this will be a double or even a triple date, be sure to have a designated driver. Otherwise, a cab or ride-sharing service is a good option. Time to eat Once everyone is nice and relaxed, it’s time to head over to […]

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Weird and Unusual Facts You Probably Don’t Know about U.S. Presidents

Skinny dipping, pet raccoons, a White House yard sale, and other fun tidbits about our Commanders-in-Chief During your school days, did you ever get the feeling that there was more to what you were being taught? History especially seems to be rife with intrigue. Sure, we’re fed a lot of names and dates, but what about the juicy stuff? Well, let us fill you in on things you almost certainly didn’t learn in history class: George Washington was part hippo It’s common knowledge that Washington had dentures, but it’s a myth that they were made of wood. In fact, they were comprised of several elements, including both human and animal teeth and hippo ivory. Washington was an avid wine drinker, and some historians think staining gave his teeth a wooden look, which could be where the wood theory came from. Thomas Jefferson wasn’t much of a speaker Jefferson hated speaking in public. In his entire administration, he only gave two speeches, one in each term. His State of the Union speeches were actually submitted to Congress in writing and read by a clerk. It wasn’t until 1913 when Woodrow Wilson ended this practice. John Quincy Adams loved swimming au naturale Many […]

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