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Why Illinois Should be Taken Seriously for its Wine

Illinois winemakers have been successful at crossbreeding classic French grapes with varietals that are native to American soils Move over, California. Illinois is making a name for itself when it comes to wine. Does this mean you are going to find an amazing bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the growing number of vineyards and wineries populating the Galena area? No. The types of grapes that grow best in the fog-draped hills of California’s Napa Valley are completely different than what grows and thrives in what’s known as the Upper Mississippi River Valley American Viticultural Area. The difference comes down to one word, and it’s French. Terroir Derived from the Latin word, terra, meaning earth or land, the French use the term terroir to express a wine’s sense of place. You’ll get 10 different answers from 10 different oenophiles (connoisseurs of wine) if you ask them what terroir means. They may get into the specifics and tell you it’s a combination of the macroclimate, mesoclimate, and microclimate. Just smile and nod. What they’re talking about is really nothing more than the impact that the geography and the weather has on grapes as they grow. Soil, rain, temperature, altitude, and a multitude […]

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