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5 Ways to Protect Your Home Before Taking a Trip
5 Ways to Protect Your Home Before Taking a Trip

5 Ways to Protect Your Home Before Taking a Trip on vacationgalena.com

These tips will help ensure you don’t have any surprises when you return

There’s nothing quite as nice as saying goodbye to your job and other daily obligations for a little while and setting off on a vacation. If you don’t have many chances to get away from it all, this time is valuable for relaxing, recharging, and just having fun with your friends or family.

But there’s nothing worse than realizing – several hours after you’ve left – that you may not have done all you could to keep your home safe. Worrying about your house and belongings is no way to enjoy a vacation. This is why it’s important to address everything ahead of time so you can have the best time possible. Use this as a checklist before you embark on your next trip:

Use Timers

If it appears as if someone is home – or won’t be gone for long – chances are a burglar won’t try a break-in. But just keeping some lights on all day isn’t a great tactic. Not only will this waste electricity (and money), it will look suspicious to someone peering inside. Instead, put timers on a few lights so they will go on and off throughout the day. A timer on a radio or TV is also a good idea.

Don’t just keep all your curtains closed

Most people don’t have their curtains completely closed all day every day, and doing so can immediately tell a potential intruder that no one is home. Conversely, keeping them open could give someone a great view into your home. This is why you have to be strategic. Again, the idea is to make it seem like someone is home, so think about keeping them half open or only closing ones in certain rooms.

Lock everything up tight

This one probably seems obvious, but a surprising number of burglars – about 30 percent, in fact – gain access to a home through an unlocked door or window. So before you leave, make sure you’ve checked everything, including your garage, skylights, and any other possible entry spots. In addition, if you have a spare key in your yard, consider removing it while you’re gone.

Stop your mail

Your home could be completely locked up with the appearance that someone’s inside, but a dead giveaway that no one is there is a box full of mail. Stopping your mail for the time you’re gone is a very quick and easy process. Another thing you can do is have a neighbor collect it. If you go that route, they can also look for fliers, coupon circulars, or anything else that could accumulate while you’re away.

Use a house sitter

Perhaps the easiest way to make sure your home is still standing (with all of your stuff in it) when you return is to have somebody stay there. If you can convince a friend or family member to house sit, other than food, this may not cost you anything. Plus, if you have pets or plants, they can make sure they get the attention they need. If you don’t know anyone who can watch your home, you can look into hiring somebody. Even just asking a neighbor to periodically check on things can help.

A vacation is meant to be fun, and you definitely don’t want to be fretting about your home while you are trying to have a good time. These tips will give you some peace of mind no matter how long you’ll be away. And if you haven’t picked out a destination yet, we’ve got a suggestion: Galena, Illinois. Not only will you find many fun activities and attractions in this quaint town, but superb accommodations as well. See what our luxury cabins offer and make your reservation.

Boris Rozman is passionate about traveling and exploring new places. The town of Galena, IL is his favorite place and he likes to write about the events and things to do here and share them with passionate travelers. You can find Boris on G+.

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