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Active Vacations: Fun Things to Do in Northern Illinois

Summer is the favorite time of year for so many families and groups who enjoy taking advantage of the beautiful weather by taking a much needed vacation. And it comes at a good time, as the grind of making it through the arduous winter months can take its toll on so many. Traveling can help people separate themselves from the daily rigors of everyday life, while at the same time sharing experiences and great times with each other that can make for lifetime memories. Travel to new destinations can increase our knowledge of different places and things. And depending on where we go and what we do, it can enhance our resourcefulness. Many vacationers are now taken with “Active Travel”, which focuses on physical activity in travel and transport. This way of travel, as opposed to motorized or carbon-dependent means, can help in fighting obesity, and is very beneficial in improving public health in general. When in the Land of Lincoln, there are many terrific Illinois destinations for travelers to choose from. For travelers looking to spend some time a bit north of the hustle and bustle of the big city, the active traveler can find a great number of […]

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Why Renting a Luxury Log Cabin in Galena is the Ultimate Vacation Treat

There can be no better present for your near and dear ones than to stay at a vacation rental property that is located near a brewing company during the holiday season. You must however be wondering whether renting a vacation home is really the right vacationing option for you. Where hotels were once popular destinations to stay during the vacations, luxury rental cabins are now replacing them as popular accommodation options. So, why are luxury rental cabins the popular vacationing accommodation options? Inexpensive – Where hotels cost you a fortune to stay, luxury log cabins come with amenities such as television sets to watch during your spare time, gas grills, screened porches, secure parking, off road parking, barbecue grills, microwave ovens, open wooden decks, hot tubs, family game rooms, football fields and the like, all at a lower cost than that at hotels. Proximity to nature and tourist spots – What could be a better holiday present than to visit Galena in Illinois or a place in close proximity to nature as well as to a brewing company during the holidays? Renting a luxury log cabin in Galena can make going around the Galena brewing company to purchase drinks for […]

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Tips to Keep in mind while choosing Luxury Getaway Cabins

When selecting a log cabin to stay in for your vacation, consider our luxury log cabins as your first resort. These log cabins have been designed, built and outfitted with everything that you’ll need to enjoy your vacation while you “rough it” in the woods. However, there are some important tips that you should keep in mind when deciding on a log cabin. The Proximity between Cabins If there’s one thing people want to enjoy on their vacation; it’s privacy. Spending your vacation in a luxury log cabin means that you’re trying to get away from the world, and be out with nature. Essentially you don’t want any disturbances while you’re on vacation. With our log cabins, we can ensure that our log cabins are set apart from each other so that you may never have anyone intruding your privacy. Each cabin is ensured its privacy, and you can have the best views from all your windows without another log cabin blocking the way. Maintenance of the Cabins All of the luxury log cabins are kept well-maintained so you’ll never have to worry about the mess when you move in. We take care to ensure that the place is spic […]

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5 Checkpoints for Booking a Luxury Log Cabin in Galena

A log house retreat can be a rustic getaway that allows you to experience the outdoors, relax, and unwind from the problems you leave in the city. Or it could be a botched attempt to getaway and involve more headaches than it relieves. Choosing the right luxury log house is the deciding factor. Some might claim to be luxury, but really will let you down when you arrive. Imagine showing up at a place that is much less than you expected. You probably won’t even be able to enjoy the outing because of problems with the lodgings. Follow these checkpoints to make sure you choose the right luxury log house, and get that relaxing retreat you’ve been looking forward to. Checkpoint #1 – Security A luxury log house retreat without security will be both stressful and likely less than you paid for. The reasons that it is important to choose a retreat that has a security system are twofold. First of all, you want to be safe. A security system is a standard worth seeking out, and with one, you are substantially more vulnerable than without one. So while nothing can 100% prevent disaster or a determined criminal, having a […]

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5 Things You Must Remember While Booking Your Vacation Rental

  There are many items one must remember while booking a vacation rental. Many factors can come into play, and this is the top five things to remember while booking your next vacation rental. Many travelers have decided to stay in a vacation rental, rather than a hotel. Price is often a leading, deciding factor, and many rentals are cheaper and much more luxurious than a hotel. WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? The most important question to ask when booking a vacation rental in Galena is what is your cancellation policy? Although you may be 100% sure that you are coming, unforeseen circumstances can often happen. Car accidents, illness in the family, or a simple schedule changes at work can destroy your chances of arriving at your vacation rental. It’s important to make sure that in the event of an emergency that you’re able to reclaim some, or all of your money that you have paid on your rental. If you are unable to receive a refund, make sure that you’re able to at least reschedule your vacation for another time. WHAT SHOULD I CLEAN? All vacation rentals have different policies concerning cleaning required in the unit. Some require that you […]

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