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The Natural Attractions of Galena, Illinois
The Natural Attractions of Galena, Illinois

The Natural Attractions of Galena, Illinois on vacationgalena.com

Activities in Galena that will make you appreciate the great outdoors

Who knew a small town tucked within northwest Illinois could draw such big tourism? Galena is known not only for their range of events and brewery tours but its natural attractions as well. In fact, Galena got its name from the mineral galena, which was mined in the area by Native Americans for almost a thousand years. Largely due to this fact, Galena is attributed with the first major mineral rush in the US. Despite quite literally being founded after a natural mineral, there are many other natural attractions that brings tourists to this small town each and every year.

Galena state parks

Whether you’re looking for a hike, a snowshoe adventure, or a place to camp or fish, Galena’s state parks and creeks are something you’ll need to experience to understand. The Galena Creek Regional Park is surrounded by the Humbolt-Toiyabe National Forest on three sides and provides activities in both winter and summer environments. In total, there are three state parks along the Apple and Galena Rivers around hills created by glaciers thousands of years ago. Ranging in difficulty and size, Galena state parks offer limitless activities for hikers.

Farms and gardens

Galena’s rich agriculture produces beautiful farm-grown products that are made available to locals and visitors alike at farmer’s markets and nurseries. Galena offers hands-on tours through the farms, where you can pick blueberries and other fruits and even purchase wreaths during the holiday season.

Crystal lake cave

There’s no better experience for discovering Galena’s natural beauty and mineral namesake than with a guided tour though the hanging rock and salt formations that make up the Crystal Lake Cave. Learn about its history, discover all the different types of formations, and create memories within the caves of Galena.

Galena golf courses

The town of Galena has slowly become on of the Midwest’s leading golf destinations, with 10 courses within the small town that are home to rolling hills, incomparable views, and all the tools that make up a memorable golf experience.

Galena trails

If you’re visiting Galena with intentions of relaxing while taking in all the natural attractions, you’ll want to include the Galena River Trail on your itinerary. The Galena River Trail is a 6-mile favorite for those who enjoy immersing themselves in nature’s beauty. The trail is perfect for biking, walking, and bird watching, and overlooks the Mississippi Trail. This scenic path is open to the public at no additional cost.

Housing in Galena

To really engross yourself in Galena’s natural habitat, live like the locals do. Enjoy your vacation by renting a luxury log cabin near the wilderness. Vacation Galena offers cabins walking distance to Lake Galena and nearby Galena town where private wineries, local cheese makers, and antique stores are at your disposal. These log cabins are perfect for families and groups of all sizes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Galena’s lodging facilities, contact us today and learn how we can give you the full Galena experience.

Boris Rozman is passionate about traveling and exploring new places. The town of Galena, IL is his favorite place and he likes to write about the events and things to do here and share them with passionate travelers. You can find Boris on G+.

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