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A Guide to the Wildlife You May Encounter in Galena

Keep an eye out for these animals It’s been a long and cold winter, but spring is finally here! For many people, this means venturing outside and reconnecting with Mother Nature. When the sun is shining and the colorful flowers start blooming, staying inside can be difficult. This is one of the reasons why so many people come to Galena every year. With its many parks, trails, and scenic vistas, the town is a nature lover’s paradise. And of course, this means that when visitors go exploring, they are bound to meet some native inhabitants. If you plan to spend time outdoors when you come to town, these are the animals you might come across: In the woods If hiking is your thing, Galena won’t disappoint. For some amazing hiking, one of your first stops should be the Galena river trails. These trails are of different lengths and allow you to experience the beauty of the area. And while you’re sure to spot squirrels or chipmunks, don’t be surprised to see a white-tailed deer or two looking at you. Other animals you may encounter include red fox, beaver, and maybe even a coyote. If you find yourself walking after dark, you […]

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