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Greenspace and Trails Galena


Greenspace and Trails Galena

Greenspace and Trails Galena, Illinois

If you want to see what Mother Nature has to offer when you visit Galena, be sure to spend some time on the Greenspace. Consisting of around 1,500 acres of woods and meadows, the Greenspace is a well-maintained natural area protected from any future development.

Amateur botanists or just weekend gardeners will instantly fall in love, as there is an amazing assortment of flowers, trees, and shrubs. And while you are exploring the Greenspace, you’re almost guaranteed to see some wildlife. Animal inhabitants include red fox, wild turkey, and white tailed deer. Keep your head up, because there’s a good chance you may also spot a hawk or eagle in the sky.

To really immerse yourself in nature, there are dozens of trails for walking, jogging, or hiking; some paved but most completely natural. Many folks also decide to saddle up and ride a horse. Certain trails include platforms that provide amazing views of the countryside and also Lake Galena. During winter months when snow is in the ground, cross-country skiing is a popular activity.

Greenspace Committee Galena, Illinois

Whether you’re looking to break a sweat or just relax and take in some beautiful scenery when you’re in Galena, the Greenspace and trail system can’t be missed.

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