8 Waterford Dr Galena, IL
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Owners’ Club Complex Galena


Owners’ Club Complex Galena

Owner’s Club Complex Galena, Illinois

Find out why the Owner’s Club is an excellent place to spend time when you’re on vacation in Galena.

When you stay at a Vacation Galena cabin, you’ll have access to tons of fun things in the area, including the Owner’s Club complex. Available to all guests, the Owner’s Club is perfect for families. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Game Room

With so much to do, you could probably spend all day in the game room and not get bored. There are pool tables – regular and bumper – ping-pong, foosball, and a variety of board games. There’s also a new room just for video games!


If you’re looking for a quiet place for a little downtime, the lounge is a great spot. It has a kitchenette and small library, which makes it ideal for grabbing a cup of coffee and enjoying a book. The lounge can also be rented anytime during the year. To make a reservation, you can call the Recreation and Activities Coordinator at 815-777-8272.


Featuring a basketball court and a net that can be set up for volleyball, the gym gives you a great opportunity to work up a sweat.

Snack Bar

When you need a nosh, the snack bar will hook you up with sandwiches, pizza, nachos, and other tasty treats. It’s open everyday from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Swimming Pool

There’s nothing like taking a dip on a hot day, and the Owner’s Club features two pools. For the smaller guests, there’s a just-their-size wading pool, and swimming diapers will be provided free of charge. The main pool has a shallow and deep end, diving board, and basketball hoop.

Pool deck

If you want to catch some rays either before or after a swim (or maybe instead of), the pool deck is the place to do it. There’s one area for eating, drinking, and smoking and another spot closer to the pool where those activities are prohibited.

Locker Rooms

For your convenience, locker rooms are available for changing, showering, and storing your stuff. Just remember to bring your own lock.

Tennis Courts

The Owner’s Club has two tennis courts that can be used for up to two hours each day per family. Reservations are required, and you can call 815-777-2000 to make them.

Tennis Courts at The Owners’ Club Complex Galena, Illinois


If you have some little ones, there’s a playground that will keep them entertained and active.

Fitness Center

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to miss a workout! The fitness center has an assortment of exercise equipment, including treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, weights, and more. To learn about the rules and fees, you can call the Recreation and Activities Department at 815-777-8272.

Arts and Crafts Room

For use by groups and members with similar interests, the arts and crafts room can be reserved for special events. Call the Recreation and Activities Department at 815-777-8272 to check availability.

Social Hall

Located in the upper level of the Owner’s Club, the social hall can be rented for private events, no matter how big or small. To reserve the social hall, you can call the Recreation and Activities Department at 815-777-8272.

To learn more about the Owner’s Club, you can call 815-777-2000 or check out their website: http://www.thegalenaterritory.com/GTA/Owners_complex.aspx